Will Insurance Pay for Roof Repair Caused by Wind Damage?

Wind damage can take its toll on a home’s roof and if the roof is not in the best condition, this damage may occur when the slightest storm occurs. If you are dealing with wind damage to the roof already, the costs of repair probably send you into shock and you wonder if your insurance provide will cover the costs of wind damage roof repair. There are many factors that play into the decision of whether the insurance company will pay for the roof repair. This includes:

–   Age of the roof

–   Specifics of your policy

wind damage roof repair

–   Neighborhood that you reside

–   Specific information concerning the damage

Most insurance policies will cover for damage to the roof that has occurred from wind damage, but there are many restrictions to determine if your exact damage is covered. Before purchasing an insurance policy, make sure that you read over it thoroughly and learn the restrictions concerning wind damage. It is important to ask questions if you need answers because wind damage is one of the most common causes of roof damage for a homeowner. This type of damage is responsible for millions of dollars in repair costs every year!

Many policies will pay only for a percentage of the repair costs after wind damage. This is true when the roof is 10 years of age or older. You will receive a depreciated value for the roof repair, taking out depreciation, wear and tear, and market value into consideration. Some policies do cover the full costs of wind damage. Again, it is important to read over the different policies before you purchase and choose one that meets your needs and desires. It might cost a bit more to get the coverage but is well worth the expense.